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Without 鶹Ƶ we would not be as strong of a company as we are today. 鶹Ƶ is a central resource for training, learning, and sharing knowledge to the next generation of constructors.

Sean Woerman , Senior Account Manager

Lydig Construction
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608,875 Total scholarship funds awarded in 2023

2,904 CM-BIM and CM-Lean credential holders as of December 2023

15,000,000 Total saved by members with 鶹Ƶ’s discount programs in 2023

15,000,000 Total saved by members with 鶹Ƶ’s discount programs in 2023

4,000,000 Amount 鶹Ƶ members received in rebates from the Home Depot program

100+ Educational and networking opportunities were offered in 2023

Building A Better Industry.

Since 1918, contractors throughout the country have relied on 鶹Ƶ to support their businesses, find new projects, and help shape the laws impacting the industry. Join your local 鶹Ƶ Chapter today and start building a more profitable future for your business.

Find Work. Save Money. Build Better.


鶹Ƶ members saved more than $15 million using 鶹Ƶ’s discount programs in 2023 and received more than $4 million back in rebates from 鶹Ƶ’s Home Depot program.

Be Profitable

Be Profitable – 鶹Ƶ partners with trusted companies like FedEx, Home Depot, Michelin and more to ensure our members receive the best savings possible as they continually grow their businesses. Learn more at agc.org/save.

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3,500 鶹Ƶ members connected with other industry professionals during 20+ live meetings and events. In addition, nearly 5,000 鶹Ƶ members participated in 40 webinars held in 2023.

Get Connected

Joining 鶹Ƶ means having the Entire industry, from every region and specialty, right at your fingertips. Our live events and virtual programs offer countless opportunities to connect with peers, explore new business prospects, and build your network.

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鶹Ƶ listens to our members and represents your interests on Capitol Hill. In 2023, 鶹Ƶ helped elect 211 pro-construction candidates to Congress.

Be Heard

鶹Ƶ is the only association inside Washington fighting for the interests of the entire construction community. Since 1918, we’ve relentlessly demonstrated the industry’s value and priorities to our elected officials. In addition, 鶹Ƶ secured multiple wins out of the U.S. Supreme Court, led coalitions, and reviewed and shared input on proposed regulations making a significant impact on legislation.

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More than 2,904 industry professionals have earned their CM-Lean or CM-BIM designation. In addition, 600 students participated in 36 virtual courses through the 鶹Ƶ EDGE program in 2023.

Be Smarter

As a leader of industry best practices, 鶹Ƶ offers numerous training programs and accredited credentials for professionals of all backgrounds and areas of expertise (PMDP, STP, BIM, Lean, CSF). In addition to in seat education, the 鶹Ƶ EDGE program, has transformed construction industry training through live virtual training that offers members’ flexibility.

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Workforce Development

鶹Ƶ is actively involved in enhancing workforce development in the construction industry by modernizing recruitment strategies and retaining new workers as well as aiming to create more inclusive work environments and address workforce shortages.

鶹Ƶ has partnered with chapters across the country to reach potential workers and their caregivers to promote the benefits of careers in construction. In addition to recruiting for the industry, 900+ member firms have taken 鶹Ƶ’s Culture of CARE pledge. This initiative provides members with valuable resources to help create a more welcoming and inclusive work environment. These examples are just a couple ways 鶹Ƶ is working to increase the workforce and retain existing workers.

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Risk Management

鶹Ƶ actively leads environmental and sustainability initiatives, offers discounts on standard contracts and documents, prioritizes mental health challenges and suicide prevention, and is focused on physical safety by offering training.

Through education, resources, litigation, and mobilization of volunteers, 鶹Ƶ supports and promotes jobsite safety, worker mental health, address environmental issues, and helps manage company risks.

Engagement Opportunities

鶹Ƶ has diverse opportunities and tools to help you grow your business, increase your professional network, stay on top of industry trends, and connect with and learn from members across the country.

Business Development

Increase profits and productivity with best-in-class training and education, peer-driven best practices, and access to owners.

Industry Data

Your best source for economic and workforce data, plus all the breaking industry news you need.

Divisions & Forums

Engage with a network of industry peers to address key issues impacting you and your business.


Get involved through one of many volunteer roles that play a vital part in leading and advancing 鶹Ƶ.


Benefit from the strength and expertise of our nationwide network of 89 local and state 鶹Ƶ chapters.

Conferences & Events

Meet with decision-makers and learn from industry leaders during 鶹Ƶ’s full roster of events.