鶹Ƶ of America conducts three recurring annual surveys to help assess the state of the construction industry. The three surveys are:

鶹Ƶ and Sage Construction Hiring and Business Outlook

Each year we survey our member firms on their expectations for labor and market conditions for the coming business year. We then closely analyze those survey results and prepare our annual Construction Hiring and Business Outlook. We team up with Sage Construction and Real Estate to prepare the Outlook and include their insights into how construction firms are – and will be – using technology to remain competitive. 

鶹Ƶ and Autodesk Workforce Survey

鶹Ƶ annually partners with Autodesk to conduct an industry survey of the state of the construction labor market. The objective of the survey is to understand whether member firms can find qualified workers to hire, the impacts of any labor shortages on the broader industry and what those shortages mean for the overall economy. 

鶹Ƶ and HCSS Work Zone Safety Survey

Each year 鶹Ƶ of America and our partners at HCSS survey contractors who work near highways to measure the safety of those work zones. This survey helps us better understand the frequency, severity and broader impacts of vehicles crashing into highway work zones.


Outlook Survey Workforce Survey Work Zone Safety Survey
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